What you need to know about the UK’s medical imaging equipment

Here are some basic questions you might ask yourself when you’re looking at medical imaging products. 

What do you need for medical imaging? 

You’ll need: 1) A scanner – you’ll need a device that can scan the entire body, and can be used in the clinic. 

2) A device that allows you to view images on a screen – these will be used to create a 3D image of the patient’s condition. 

3) A medical imaging device – this includes a CT scanner, MRI machine, and a digital camera. 

4) An ultrasound machine – this is used to give the patient an accurate, real-time impression of their health condition.

What is medical imaging technology? 

Medical imaging is a field of study where scientists, doctors and researchers use the power of the computer to create computer models of human body parts and organs, using the ability of modern computers. 

An MRI is a type of MRI machine that looks at the body’s structure using a specialised scanner that is able to capture images of every detail. 

The scan uses specialised images that can identify different parts of the body at different times. 

How does medical imaging work? 

When an MRI is used, it uses special image-processing techniques to create 3D images of the shape of the tissues and structures in the body, with a view to identifying any problems. 

Medical Imaging equipment can be either handheld or wearable, and many types of devices are available to help the patient, such as: a scanner, which can scan a person’s entire body and can scan multiple parts of a person at the same time;