Hospitals will accept $100,000 clamp medical instruments, Horiba Medical Instruments says

Hospitals across Australia will be allowed to accept a new clamp medical equipment for use in patients with heart failure and chronic kidney disease, following the approval of a joint ANZAC Foundation and Horiba Group medical equipment.

A new clamp, made of a specially engineered polymer resin, is used to replace the needle-and-pump device used by hospitals.

The company’s president of product development, Scott Taylor, said the company had a long-standing relationship with ANZAAC and was keen to support their work in the areas of healthcare.

“We’re keen to work with them on some of the issues we see with the devices,” he said.

“They have an innovative technology that works well and is a great device for the right conditions.”

The clamp is currently used by more than 600 hospitals across the country, including the Western Australian Hospital, the University of Sydney Medical School and the Monash University Health Service.

Mr Taylor said the clamp could provide a much needed alternative to a needle- and-pumper device.

“This is a completely different device to anything that has come before,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“It’s a much safer, more humane, much more effective device for people with heart failures and chronic renal disease.”

He said the new device was a “great technology” for the “right conditions”.

The new device is also being developed in Australia, where it has already been approved for use by the Health Department.

“The health sector has always been very supportive of ANZACA [the Australian Pharmaceutical and Medical Association],” Mr Taylor said.

The clamp has been developed by Australian company Horiba.

“Horiba is proud to be the first to be able to take part in the ANZACEFA program,” the company said in a statement.

“As a part of the ANAACA program, Horias new clamp is approved to be used in the Australian population for the purpose of managing chronic kidney diseases.”

The company said the ANACFAC-backed device was designed for use with patients with chronic kidney disorders, and that patients could expect to see its use grow as hospitals across Australia start to accept the device.

Mr Horiba said it had worked closely with the ANZAAC Foundation, ANZACC, and ANZSAAC to develop the device for use as part of their ANZAACA program.

“Our goal is to make the technology available to hospitals and to be licensed for use within the healthcare system,” he added.

“In addition, we will continue to work closely with ANZAACC to ensure that all hospitals in Australia are using our product to treat their patients.”

Horiba also confirmed it was considering applications for new clamping devices.

“There are many applications that are currently being evaluated by medical device companies for medical devices, and we are hopeful that we will soon be able the new clamp to meet those needs,” the firm said.