Which medical instruments are safe for use during NHL games?

Medical instruments are designed to be used during NHL hockey games, and many players are using them to warm themselves up.

But some are also using them in other ways.

One example is using them for cooling the head.

The NHL says they are not meant to be an immediate or permanent treatment.

The players are also not allowed to use them on a player in an emergency.

The team says it has a safety policy that requires players to wear protective gear while in the locker room and at the rink.

Some players wear gloves when playing, and some teams require them.

The policy does not apply to players who are taking an extended break or are at home during a game.

It is not clear if the policy applies to all players or only to those who play during a period of rest or injury.

The rules also say players can not use an ice tool during an NHL game if it is a hockey stick, a hockey pole or a broomstick.

The ice tool rules also state that players can only use an electric broomstick on their heads and that the team will not use a “non-permanent ice tool” on a person during a hockey game.

NHL teams are also allowing fans to get in on the action by taking out their cell phones and playing some games.