Medical imaging instruments to be made in India

Medical imaging devices and medical instruments are expected to be used to treat many chronic diseases, including cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis, a government statement said today.

The Indian Medical Council (IMC), the country’s main health authority, had set the target of bringing medical imaging products to the country by 2022.

It is one of several international organisations to announce the launch of medical imaging devices in India, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the European Union and the World Bank.IMC chairman Prof. Satyendra Kumar has said the government should be prepared for the potential impact of the technology on health care.

The ministry has also asked doctors to make medical imaging tools available to the public, the statement said.

A medical imaging device that can detect abnormalities, such as tumours, is often used to detect a heart condition, stroke or chronic pain, and can also help patients identify which drugs are most effective.

However, the devices are not used widely in the Indian market because they can’t be used in hospitals.