When a $100 device breaks your legs

A medical device company in Taiwan says it will stop selling a $110,000 device to a patient after he broke his left leg while using it.

In a video posted to YouTube on Monday, the company’s CEO said the device “caused the patient to break his femur and dislocate his tibia, which could have caused a spinal injury.”

“We decided to suspend the sales of the device due to this,” he said in the video.

“After we saw the results of the testing, we felt that the product should not be sold to patients.”

The company declined to release the patient’s name.

“We do not comment on individual cases, but we will continue to support our customers and provide support services for the safety and well-being of our customers,” the video said.

In the video, the CEO said a patient had requested an MRI.

“Upon inspection, it turned out that the device was causing the patient severe spinal pain,” he explained.

“This injury had to be treated in the hospital.”

He added that the patient was still being monitored for the next several weeks.

“The patient has suffered a serious injury, but he is stable and recovering,” the CEO told the audience.

Taiwan’s first medical device maker, NTD, also announced that it will not sell a $50,000 wearable device to its patients after a video showed the device failing to fit properly.

A Taiwanese company, NNT, has also said it will no longer sell a device that could cause spinal injury to its users.

“It is disappointing that NTD decided to stop selling this device after receiving the test results,” the company said in a statement on Monday.”NTD is committed to our customers’ well-beings and will continue its efforts to provide the best medical care in accordance with our values.”