Health care workers injured in Kota Bharu riot: The impact

The health care workers from the Kota Baru village in Kerala were injured when the police clashed with their colleagues over a hospital facility on Monday.

The incident occurred in Baru locality on the outskirts of the capital, Kochi, and resulted in casualties on both sides.

Kota, a tribal district in the state of Kerala, is located at the confluence of the Kancheepuram river and the Sabarmati river.

The Kota area is known for its strong political and tribal affiliations, especially in the northern parts of the state.

The Kota baru has a large number of Muslims and some Christian communities.

According to the official statistics, about 100,000 Muslims and Christians reside in the district, while the Christian community is smaller.

On Monday, the KOTA police deployed to the hospital where the injured health care personnel were treated, local police said.

“A local police officer and three other policemen were injured after a clash broke out with the protesters in Barusamy area,” a Kota police officer told reporters.

“The incident took place in Baruniyakam area of Kota.”

He added that the police resorted to tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets in response to the crowd’s aggression.

A senior police officer, however, denied the police deployed force to the spot.

“There was no firing and there was no clashes with anyone,” the officer said.

A local resident said, “They attacked the place where we were working, which was a medical facility.

The protesters had been throwing stones at us.

We had to resort to water cannons.

They attacked us with sticks and stones.””

Some of the locals have been injured in the fight.

The policemen have been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment,” the resident said.