‘I was so happy’: ‘I had a dream’ about having hernia surgery at the Mayo Clinic

Medical school grad student Elizabeth T. Jones has a story to tell about the day she was given the news she’d never known.

Jones is a senior at the University of Minnesota and her family was devastated by her surgery, her mom, Toni, told the Pioneer Press.

But the story of Jones’s surgery and recovery went viral.

Jones was told she had to have surgery at Mayo Clinic because she had a cyst on her left bicep.

She told the Associated Press she didn’t realize it at the time.

But Jones said it was a big moment because she was a year ahead of her peers.

“It felt like, ‘OK, this is going to happen to me,'” Jones said.

The Mayo Clinic is the largest medical center in the United States.

It has a reputation for having some of the best medical care in the country, according to its website.

In the 2016-2017 school year, Mayo ranked fourth nationally in the number of medical students with medical degrees.

The medical school’s website says its goal is to provide medical education that fosters excellence in patient care, and “provides patients with access to quality care and the opportunity to pursue a doctorate in health science.”

In a statement, Mayo said Jones “was a wonderful student, and we are thrilled to have her as a student.”