Why does the World Health Organization recommend doctors keep the needle-stick method?

An article on the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, in an article titled Why do doctors keep a needle-and-thread approach?, says the article, “This is not because the needle is more effective than a needle with a thread or because of the ‘needle-like’ qualities of the thread.”

It goes on to say, “the needle-based method is a more convenient, faster, and safer method of administering medical care and is not recommended for use in the management of any other condition.”

That’s not to say that the article doesn’t recommend needle-intravenous (IV) delivery, which is more humane and less expensive.

The article is also quite clear that doctors who use the needle and thread approach to administering medical drugs do so “in compliance with the guidelines of the World Organization for Health, Food and Agriculture Organization, which require that needle-like instruments and devices be used in the administration of medicines and other medical procedures, and to the extent possible to avoid any unnecessary risk.”

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Should doctors keep their needle-needle approach in place?

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