Apple’s Medical Products section expands to include medical devices

Apple’s medical products section has expanded to include some medical devices, a company spokesperson told TechCrunch.

The announcement comes in the wake of a request from Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier this month.

Apple announced the inclusion of medical devices in its Health app last month, which is now available on iOS, OS X, tvOS, tv, watchOS, and watchOS 2.

While there have been other Apple medical devices additions in the past, this is the first time we’ve seen it specifically mentioned in a public listing.

The new app will offer “a curated collection of over a million products,” the spokesperson said, adding that “it includes medical devices for doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals.”

A full list of all products can be found here.

Apple is now also adding a few more medical devices to the Health app, including an iPhone-compatible laser, a new version of the AcuTrace sensor, and the new Medical Instrument Access app.

You can find all of the Apple medical products here, but the full list will be updated throughout the week.

Apple has been steadily rolling out updates to its apps for the past few months, so it’s not unusual for them to become available over the course of a few days.

However, this could signal that Apple is getting ready to roll out major updates to the iPhone and its health tracking apps.

Apple has long been known to roll these out as part of major product updates, so the company is likely working to roll them out with iOS 7.

Tesla to build $2.4B medical instrument factory in Mexico

Tesla is expected to open its first medical instrument manufacturing facility in Mexico and will employ more than 50 people by 2021.

The company said it expects to employ approximately 3,500 people, including around 1,000 employees from the U.S., as well as about 1,500 Mexican employees.

Tesla will begin construction in 2019, and the factory is expected be able to produce up to 10,000 medical instruments annually.

Tesla has invested more than $1 billion to build a $2 billion medical instrument plant in China, and has plans to build its own medical instrument production facility in Brazil and in Vietnam.

The Chinese company is expected later this year to begin manufacturing medical equipment for patients in the U, U.K., and France.

Tesla said in March that it is seeking a $1.4 billion loan to fund the factory, which it said will be able produce up the company’s manufacturing capacity to 15,000 units annually by 2022.