‘This is a historic moment’: Health officials say California residents may have new medical tools

California is bracing for a new generation of medicines as the state grapples with a devastating pandemic.

The state is preparing to send hundreds of millions of dollars to manufacturers of medical instruments as the number of patients in need of care rises and its hospitals run out of oxygen, oxygen masks and other medical supplies.

The move comes as Gov.

Jerry Brown (D) prepares to convene a statewide meeting of coronavirus experts, including some experts from California, and he announced he would call a special session of the Legislature in the coming days to draft legislation to establish the state’s coronaviruses response plan.

The legislation, which was not yet filed, would help the state craft a long-term plan to deal with the virus and other long-lasting problems caused by the pandemic that began in March.

The plan, dubbed the State Coronavirus Response Plan, would be the first step to helping California manage the outbreak, Brown said in a statement Wednesday.

California has sent a total of more than 9.3 million doses of coronavalvirus vaccines to hospitals, state health officials said.

It has also spent more than $4.7 billion on testing for coronaviral disease and $1.9 billion on research on the virus, according to state data.

The plan would provide more than 20 million doses, the state Department of Public Health said.

California Health and Hospitals Association President David Loy, who chairs the state council of health economists, said the state is trying to address its coronavirin problem now rather than waiting for the pandemics to catch up with the state.

“The goal is to make sure we are ready for any outbreak, and that we’re prepared,” Loy said.

“And we have to do that while the pandems are still around.”

This is an historic moment in California.

The governor has said that the state will be ready to respond to any outbreak.

We’re trying to get the ball rolling on that.

“Loy said the governor is taking steps to address the situation, including instituting a system for determining coronaviremia, or whether a person has the virus.”

In terms of our current coronavirovirus response, we’re not getting enough vaccines.

We have to change that.

It’s the only way we can get the vaccine program up and running,” L.L.A. County Executive Ismael Ocampo Jr. said.

The California State Nurses Association also is looking to boost the supply of vaccines.

The union said it is “committed to making sure California has access to vaccines, and we will continue to work with the governor and the legislature to provide them” to hospitals.

The group said it has seen an increase in demand for medical equipment and said that it was concerned about a lack of equipment in California hospitals and the high cost of medical supplies that are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

It also said that many coronavviruses, such as COVID-19, have not been tested for effectiveness and that they could cause illness.

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