The world’s largest health insurer may have just been the first to offer a Medicare card to patients in India

India’s largest private health insurance company, Indometra, has launched a Medicare-based card that will allow people to buy medical equipment for a low monthly fee.

Indometra has rolled out the new Medicare card for a range of health services, including diabetes treatment, cardiac care, eye care and dental care.

The card is a collaboration between the company and private insurers in India, which include Arundhati Bhattacharya, Indmetra’s chief executive officer.

The cards are available for purchase through the Indometras website and at various Indometral shops in cities across the country, and are available to those who pay a one-time fee of ₹1,000 ($1.15).

“We have been exploring ways to integrate the healthcare and insurance sectors in India for many years, but we have never had a universal Medicare card,” said Indometracom president and CEO Ramesh Thakur.

“With the introduction of the new card, the healthcare industry has now opened up a new avenue of collaboration with healthcare insurers, allowing for a new way of reaching the Indian people.”

Indometracomm has partnered with several private insurers, including Arurdhati’s, Tata Consultancy Services and Mahindra & Mahindras.

The Indometracom card, which is currently available to customers in Bengaluru and Mumbai, allows customers to make payments on their Medicare cards by depositing funds into an account linked to a debit or credit card number, which Indometrace can then manage.

The account can be linked to their health insurance, employer-provided pension or a direct deposit of funds into a bank account, which can be accessed from the app.

The Inductre Medicare card is being offered by the company’s insurance group, Indiatrans, which includes Aruthi Bhatia, a co-founder of Indometran.

“This new product enables people to access medical services without having to go through any intermediaries or intermediaries at the point of use,” Indometrans CEO Gopal Subramanian told Fortune.

“The new Inductreta card also enables patients to make direct deposit to their Medicare account at Indometrant in India.

This card will be very useful to our customers in the long run.”

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