Which medical instruments are safe to use for pain and soreness?

Medical devices such as surgical instruments are being increasingly used for pain relief in the US.

But it has been controversial to say the least.

Dr. Paul Sahlberg, a professor at the University of Chicago School of Medicine, says the new guidelines may cause some doctors to reconsider prescribing these devices.

Sahlberg told the Associated Press that his patients sometimes say that the pain relievers are a waste of money.

“They’ve gone from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

And if you’ve ever tried a lot of pain relief medications, they can be a huge cost,” he said.

He added that doctors have not been using these devices effectively.

For example, Sahl, who also practices medicine in Chicago, says that the devices have not saved him much money.

He noted that in the past, he used to have to make a $600 to $700 trip to a doctor for treatment of back pain.

That was an enormous expense, and now he spends less than $100 on treatment.

According to Sahlberger, the guidelines will have a big impact on pain clinics across the US because they’re going to need to start making these devices a lot more affordable.

The FDA has yet to decide on the new guideline.