How to get your medical instruments back from the flu pandemic

Bougie Medical Instrument Co. of Boston Instruments and Instruments in Florida is looking for the money to return medical instruments to their customers after a two-year layoff.

Bougie’s business is based in Florida, but the company said on Thursday that it plans to start the process of returning to the U.S. sometime in December.BOUGIE MEDICAL INSTITUTE AND ITS ASSOCIATES OF MEDICAL PRODUCERS is seeking to re-open a Florida office, but BOUGIA MEDICAL PIPERS &C.

of PENSACOLA, FL, the company that owns the Boston Instruments business, is in charge of that process.

Bougie has said that its Florida office will be open until January, when it will shut down.

It has said it has about $250,000 in its bank account, and said it would be reimbursing customers for their medical instruments costs.

Boudreaux said the company is also looking to rehire some of its employees who are no longer with the company.

The company is working to replace them with part-time employees, she said.