Which medical devices are worth $2,000 to patients?

Recode is reporting that medical devices made by Google, Apple, Samsung, and other companies can cost as much as $2 and up to $30 in different countries, and sometimes even more.

In addition, the companies often offer discounts to patients.

Recode has been tracking the prices of these devices since December of last year.

We took a closer look at each one and its value for patients.

In the chart below, the company uses the average price of each device from the three companies to get an idea of how much it could cost in different locations.

There’s also a bar graph showing the total amount a patient would have to pay to get the same device in a given location.

The price is then adjusted to the cost of a month’s worth of treatment in each country.

We also put a dollar amount on each device to show how much a patient could save by paying less in a particular country.

The charts are updated every day, so you can get an accurate idea of what the market value of a medical device could be.

We’ve also included a breakdown of the different types of devices that each company offers.

Google’s medical devices include the Google Cardio device, the CardioBand, the Fitbit Flex, and the Fitbits Flex 2.

Apple’s medical products include the Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and HealthKit.

Samsung’s medical is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy S8, the Note 7, and now the Galaxy Note 10.

AppleInsider has previously covered the prices for medical devices in different parts of the world.

This data has since been updated, but the chart above still gives an idea about what a device could cost to treat a particular patient in a specific country.

As always, if you have any questions about the prices in your country, or any other data we’ve collected from the market, we’d love to hear from you.