Senko medical instruments court approves new patents

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has ruled that an innovative medical device used by veterans to help them manage their health will now be recognized as a patent.

In a 6-3 ruling Tuesday, the court ruled that the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (ARMIID) and its inventor, Robert B. Nunez, have a valid claim to the medical device, which was developed in conjunction with Newport Medical Instrument.

Nunez and his colleagues developed the medical instrument as a result of a collaboration between ARMIID and the Army.

The device allows veterans to use the device in their own medical procedures.

The court ruled in favor of Nuneez’s patent claim.

In the court filing, Nunezz’s lawyers argued that the invention was not based on an existing medical device patent, and thus not covered by the patent laws of the United States.

They also noted that the device was an innovative, novel technology that did not exist prior to the invention of the ARMIIDs medical device.

Nukez and Nunezik’s patents are in the form of “patent applications,” which are granted by a patent examiner.

The filing noted that these patents do not cover any other existing medical devices, so they do not qualify for the federal patent system.

The decision means that veterans can now benefit from a new and patented medical device that can help them with a variety of symptoms including pain and swelling.

The U.C. San Diego School of Medicine in the United Kingdom used a similar device, the “R.C.” device, to treat cancer patients, and Nukez has been working on developing a device similar to the one in the U,K.

The court’s decision will likely not be the end of the road for the device.

In a separate ruling last year, the appeals court upheld a lower court decision that a U.K. patent on the device had expired and could be invalidated.

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But they can also be a source of confusion, and that’s where the term medical instrument comes from.

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